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The Family Prayer Mission is a lay Catholic apostolate, founded in 1989 by Rappai Nedumpara in Toronto, Canada. Since then, FPM is committed to evangelization programs and also social awareness programs on various topics. In 2015, FPM shouldered the responsibility to have a Vincentian Retreat Centre in Toronto, the Divine Retreat Centre. Operations are under the auspice of the Archdiocese of Toronto, overseen and taken care of by the Vincentian Congregation. FPM’s annual Lenten retreat attracts over a thousand people each year, which is a fundamental tool of evangelization within the greater Toronto area. FPM also engages in an education support program, which assists qualified children from underprivileged families from Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.


Family Prayer Mission strives to assist families in achieving sanctity and stability within a secular society by following the motto: The family that prays together stays together. Families must practice family prayer and grow as God-centred families to become a driving force to promote the importance of marriage and family. 


Get involved with organizing parish outreach programs and evangelization retreats within your community and support a child through the education program. Contact us for more information.


The general membership in the Family Prayer Mission is open to all Christians, aged 18 and over, who believe that marriage is a sacred and permanent institution. General members should be willing to promote the objectives of the Mission with their word and deed.

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